Sunday, 20 February 2011

February What Ya Doin To Me

Maybe one of the reasons I've dived into/obligated myself to the 12/12 project even though I knew it will be challenging is because it may prove to be one of the few things I can turn to for consistency, something that will be constant in what threatens to be a very challenging year. Something I can escape into as long as I can find some little nook to record/make some noise somewhere, wherever it may be.

I have to confess I came so close to NOT jumping into this this project. I didn't feel that confident about it, but championed enthusiastically by Jarvis Cocker, Amanda Palmer, Tom Robinson, Gideon Coe, and many others, 'January Egg Race Dream' quickly received more UK radio plays than any single I've ever released, much to my surprise and delight.

Perhaps February's installment will spoil all that, as it's completely different. February's been rough. It began with a burst of incessant glass-rattling wind storms, this had yet to let up as I finished recording. Emotional situations among myself and my friends seemed strangely synchronous to this, challenged by uncertainties, somewhat unhinged. The result is a bit of a rocker. Possibly a return to the juvenile insanity of some of my former band days when I was an anxiety-fraught teen. Or maybe I still am an anxiety-fraught teen. Once again, it's a free download for a limited time.

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