Friday, 21 January 2011

New Year, New Project, New Blog


I've started a new project that I'm quite excited about, kind of a living, mutating album that will be composed and released at 12 intervals over 2011. I'm not certain exactly how the project will unfold, but tracks will be informed by any number of things: the vibe, feeling, texture, atmosphere of the changing seasons, the expanding and contracting lengths of days and nights, weather, news, dreams, personal or world events as they unfold. I expect (in my usual fashion) that successive tracks may be radically different. The goal is to write, record, and release each track within the span of each month.

This is a bit of a crazy goal as I already tend to bite off more than I can chew and tend to like to let songs develop and ferment over time, reworking and polishing them.  It's something I believe is healthy to let happen, since in this modern age we are constantly confronted by deadlines and seeming lack of time, and it's great to escape to a world where those constraints aren't imposed in which to create.  However, there's also something to be said for the way the time of year influences the atmosphere of a particular piece, and if I'm taking my sweet time finishing a song, say in January, that is evocative of January, but I don't finish and release it until July, well, it might not sit so well in July.

So I've self-imposed a time limit to work within the span of a month on each track, I like the immediacy of the concept. Maybe I wont be able to keep up, but I've dived off the board and finished January's installment a few days ago.   It'll be online this weekend and copies went out to a limited radio, and guess what: I'm now waiting for a phone call from Bob Fischer at BBC Tees. He loves the song and has invited me to go on his show for an interview, monthly, as each new track is finished, starting tonight!
I also received word just a while ago that Tom Robinson is going to preview the song on his BBC6 show tonight as well. Yay Tom!

There's the phone... back later.

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